How we began

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Mary Ann headshotWhen I opened my pediatric practice in 1985 and began seeing new parents and their babies, I soon realized that they were overwhelmed with information — sometimes conflicting — that came from many sources including family members, books, and the media. I made up my mind to help new parents navigate this sea of parenting advice. Today the internet and social media, has multiplied and amplified all these messages leading to an information explosion.

This incredible information overload can add greatly to the confusion experienced by parents and can leave them feeling quite overwhelmed and bewildered.

What parents need is simplicity. And that is what Simply Parenting is all about. My goal is to “bring childcare back to the basics” and help parents feel more confident in their own abilities and instincts and reduce the anxiety that they experience.

In 2002, Simply Parenting published Understanding Your Newborn and Infant and Understanding Your Toddler. These combination books and DVD were aimed at new parents who needed some reassurance and guidance. Although the original Simply Parenting series of books is currently sold out, you can still access this information through our web site and our You Tube channel.

The Simply Parenting website offers brief articles about common problems and normal development right at your fingertips. It also provides links to some other well-respected sites that limit their advertisements.

The Simply Parenting videos cover the normal development of babies and toddler from birth to age two. They are available on our You Tube channel and are not only fun to watch but provide a visual guide to normal development as well as providing discussions of the more common problems associated with each age group.

It is my hope that Simply Parenting will help parents to feel less anxiety and have more confidence as they begin the most rewarding journey of their lives.